Apr. 20th, 2017

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The two weeks before any major trip are, inevitably, when I analyze every permutation of possible activities/expectations/conditions and create a highly detailed list. I do try not to overthink things too much, these days - there were a few trips in years past where I went embarrassingly overboard (think hand-laminated flip-card driving maps, in the days before prevalent phone GPS) - though this purposeful under-thinking mostly expresses itself in the small, one-weekend trips to my in-laws being dealt with entirely on a last minute basis. “Ugh, we’re leaving in an hour, I guess I should pack some clothes or some bullshit uggggghhhh.”

Anyway, so every time a Big Trip is coming up, I try not to over-think. Then I give in to over-thinking, and just focus on not over-packing - it takes a deceptive amount of critical thought, after all, to come up with 7 good outfits using only 3 pairs of pants* - and once I hash out the fashion choices, I set myself to anticipating the smaller necessities: all that random stuff I can’t seem to go anywhere without, and whatever side stuff I’ve got my heart set on bringing to amuse myself. For some ungodly reason, this always always always involves the purchase of a few minor, often admittedly unnecessary gadgets or totes or miscellaneous whatsits. (If it keeps the travel gods happy and stops me being unreasonably frustrated with myself for not having something, I’m all for it. Besides, who doesn’t want a snazzy new carry-on tote? kyooot.)

Last year my Vacation Bring was watercolors - it did make for a couple pleasant afternoons (and a nice gift for my Mom) during the trip I took without my husband, but I’ve now learned my lesson and will never fly with liquid paints again. UGH. The year before, it was crochet projects. The year before that, I probably had an embroidery bag with me. Before that, temari (praying any checked baggage investigators wouldn’t question the 4 inch long darning needles in my kit).

This year, I’m going minimal - unless I change my mind at the last minute (and, granted, I have 2 weeks left to do so) I’m not bringing anything craft-related. SHOCK! HORROR! HOWEVER WILL I LIVE!** ...I’m compensating by focusing on tech - charger 1. Charger 2. Car charger. Tablet. Music player. Aux cable. Headphones. Earbuds. Headphone splitter. Bluetooth speaker. Camera. Camera charger. Magnetic mini tripod. (As of today, four of the above are checked off the list of this year’s pre-trip whatsits. Can I stop buying stuff now?)

17 days left.

* not because I don’t own more pants, natch. Because I want to pack light, and my Mom doesn’t care if I run a little load in her washer mid-week. ;)

** The plan is that I’ll be writing. With music. In every spare moment. That’s the plan. Fingers crossed, people.


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