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Between books, at the moment. There's a third story to be told, and I'm only just beginning to get my thoughts in order for it...the vast blankness I find in my mind when I think about where my plot is starting seems a little disconcerting, seeing as how I'm supposedly picking up this story right where I left off with the last one. Technically, the break between the last story and this is a formality, more than anything; I have large chunks of the (later portions) of this last volume written already, and finding the "ending" of book #2 was just a matter of looking for a place I could temporarily halt the momentum of things. So starting #3 should be easy, right?

I started a scene, today on my lunch break, that I'm hoping will give me an in to get that first chapter rolling. It's feeling like abstract art, though, so far. Part of what's holding me back must be my concern about making the initial chapter serve a similar purpose to the initial chapter of #2: a brief re-introduction of the situation and the major players, a refresher course of sorts on the mystical/supernatural talent of my main character and its workings, a mildly witty reentry to the universe. I know I can do it - I did it once already, right? :P (whine) But it's so haaaaaaaaaard. (/whine)

I refuse to be waylaid by doubt or paralyzed by my fear of completing this project. The fact that I have (so far) been entirely unable to complete my first series is entirely thanks to THIS series hijacking my mental capacity; and I know for an absolute fact that this series is better and more dramatically stable than my first, stronger in characterization, bolstered by clear connection to canon and yet not relying on retelling, emotionally realistic, and unique in concept. If I want to wallow in fear, I should think about the fact that coming back to my half-written Needles & Pins #4, after completing all of Dark Ripples, will create an insurmountable problem in terms of my progress as a writer - how will I be able to pick up where I left off, if my style has changed so much in the interim? I shudder at the thought of people reading N&P #1, now; I can see so many problems with it - but I shudder far more at the thought of trying to rewrite it. And yet, people are still reading it, and although I haven't received any commentary in quite some time, enough people gave me positive feedback that I was able to motivate myself to continue writing. It's a good thing for me that I did; N&P #2 and #3 are vast improvements, but even they show me serious issues when I reread them. (Mainly my lack of ability to kill my darlings - a skill I'm somewhat dubious of needing, really, but #3 was a behemoth and surely didn't have to be...and also my adherence to a very step-by-step method of building the facets of a plot, which in itself isn't a bad thing either - better than plot holes, surely - but I can see how much more the suspense and intrigue would have been helped by a more indirect approach.) I'm grateful every day for those people who have complimented me on my writing, and praised the depth and relatability of my original characters; the commentary on my current series is even better, overall, which is quite reassuring.

(side note - mainly people I don't know. Certain family members have been wildly enthusiastic, and many of my IRL friends are supportive, even to the extent of demanding their own paperback copies of my printed works... but even those friends have almost universally refrained from giving me any sort of commentary or feedback once they've had my work in hand. Granted, looking back at the quality of my very first work, I can understand that 3 people I had given my writing to had been unable to motivate themselves enough to read through that whole story - and even that 2 of the 3 of them appeared to lose interest right at the most climactic, suspenseful point in that story, which seemed fairly odd - but the fact that not a single person besides my parents and aunt currently seems capable of reading through a slim 175-page paperback novella, the first in the Dark Ripples series, my tightest and most intriguing work, printed in convenient lunch-break-friendly size? If I were interested in a story, even a little bit, I could read through a book that short in an hour or two at most. But none of the people who have asked to own this book seem up to actually reading it all the way through... Okay, that's when I start to wonder if I really am writing boring stuff. And then I have to check online and remind myself that I'm not invisible, after all. But anyway. I digress.)

Okay, I've digressed so far I can't remember what my point was. Um.

...I took a minor detour from the DR series, to write a short one-shot completely unrelated to any of my other work; as a gift to an online friend, it's a bit of erotica, a short fantasy piece. LOL. A first for me, but it turned out well enough that three readers begged me for a sequel, so I must have done something right? I'm trying to make that sequel happen, now, and am finding that writing artistically coherent and non-raunchy almost-porn is far harder than one would think. ;)

And that's about the extent of what's bouncing around in my brain right now, so I'm going to finish up this entry and get on with things. I could talk about the ridiculous crochet blanket my friend Matt commissioned as a gift to his friend, and how I slacked (focused on my writing) so much that at this point I need to whip out a round each weeknight and three rounds each weekend day from here out, to have it ready by the time he needs it. I could talk about my ridiculous insistence that watching Elementary was detrimental to my character voice (well, it WAS last year, I don't know why) and the fact that I finally gave in and let Greg put it on this past weekend; we binge-watched 18 episodes in a day and a half, and are almost caught up now. I could probably find another things or two to mention, too...but probably not much. Still not much up here in this noggin of mine except writing... ;P
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