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Well, here I am - one of the hundreds upon hundreds who took one look at the new-and-disimproved Russian terms of service on LJ, went "eugh!" and immediately packed their bags. I brought all my old stuff over...less for the benefit of anyone else seeing it, than for my own future nostalgia; I figure someday, I'll go back and read all the ridiculous blather I wrote over the years and be amused.

My LJ blog had long since devolved to a place I checked once a week, on the offhand chance that my friend J had posted something for me to read. I hadn't even realized, until I did this import, that I haven't written an actual post since 2015. And honestly, since most of my social life is on Tumblr I doubt I'll ever have an audience for any new ramblings I might write here. But that's fine. The whole point of this journal blog wasn't to appeal to some outside audience, was it? If it ever was, it probably shouldn't have been.

(So, in case you HAVE come here for current journalling, uh, say hi I guess? and I'll try to make at least some effort to be interesting in future, if I know you exist. But until that time, prepare for random, overpersonal babble.)

Things that have happened lately...

* My aunt (Dad's only sister, 14 years younger than him) died unexpectedly a few weeks ago. "Natural Causes" = nobody has any idea why. It's been difficult for my parents - Dad has had to take 2 trips up to Maine to help deal with her things, and attempt to wrangle her hopeless, demented wreck of an alcoholic husband. Everyone had always presumed that Rich would die first, since he's got major health problems; as morbid as it is, we're all sort of convinced that Rich won't actually last all that long on his own. I'm not feeling too terrible about the idea, he's a really awful person. But...yeah. it just kinda sucks in general.

* My best friend is about to get married. 6 weeks! My husband and I will be the only ones in attendance besides the 2 immediate families. I feel very honored. Right now I'm trying to find a dress to wear, and lamenting the fact that I'm horribly overweight at the moment - my mom bought me a dress, but it turned out awful (what do you expect from mail-order) and so I have to return it. Stress. I think I found a skirt and pretty top that could work, so we'll see.

* We're going to Florida to see my family for a week, just a few days before C's wedding. In fact we'll fly back home & arrive at almost midnight on Sunday night, (I'll take a day off on Monday because only an idiot wouldn't do that after getting home at 1 AM), I'll work three days and then we'll drive down to the Smoky Mountains on Friday morning. A couple nights in a private cabin, complete with full kitchen and hot tub, and a ceremony overlooking the valley - should be nice. I'm a little worried about bugs, and the fact that all of the cabins are 15+ minutes apart from each other, but I'm sure it'll all work out.

* My baby brother is going to be a dad!!! He sent me the first sonogram the other day, eeeeee. I'm very happy for him - of everyone in my family (and, heck, in my husband's family), he and his wife are the most perfectly suited to be parents. Seriously, that kid is gonna have it made! It's why we had to schedule the trip when we did - I wanted to be sure and have an opportunity to see my sister-in-law while she's pregnant, and then we'll go down again in early October when my niece or nephew is about a month+ old. Should be good. (I should probably note that my middle brother H is also a great guy, and is basically already a parent, since he lives with his girlfriend and her two young children - he's better at it than I would have expected, but then he's always been the caretaker type. However, their living situation is not fantastic, and their relationship is mmmm shall we say not the healthiest? so I stand by my vote for A/A as the most suited.)

* It wouldn't be a journal update without at least a little self-involved prattling about my writing, would it? Current status: on a slight lull (slight = two days without writing omg!) but overall it's going well. I'm at about 26,000 words, on chapter 8 of a story that will have 23 at maximum (but may have less). It's #4 (and probably final) in the magical realism AU, and it's a bear because I'm having to write a totally different plotline for Sherlock S4. UGH. I'm still very sad that what they gave us was so horrible - I was expecting my life to be difficult, with the twists they'd probably introduce to canon, but this?? *sigh* Anyway, I'm doing the best I can. I like where I'm getting to go with the plot, now that I'm free of canon compliance...but it does make it complicated, and I miss the fun of weaving my own events into what was onscreen. Slow but steady, I suppose.

* Weird dreams this morning - one in which I realized I was in a magically-operated car with nobody in the driver's seat (my Dad was sleeping on the passenger side), and the car had at some point gotten itself turned around (hit a detour or something, but automatically kept homing in on its goal without reorienting?) so that when I looked out the windshield we were doing 60 mph in *reverse* along with the traffic on a busy highway in the middle of the night. So I was basically looking straight into the headlights of the people following us. I had to convince the car to stop as people in front of (behind) us started to create a road block to stop us; we ended up hidden in a residential neighborhood, and I had to figure out where we were so I could take over and drive (forwards!) the rest of the way. ...Then, I had another dream in which I got out of a parked car but lost my orientation and couldn't find the building I meant to go into, and when I did get inside I found I had to walk through a posh designer boutique or cocktail club (?) with no top on. WTF. Clearly there's a theme of muddle-headedness and lack of control. Which is odd, because I don't necessarily see those themes in my life right now...at least no more than usual...


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