Jul. 13th, 2017

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Having trouble writing? Why not try...writing! About writing!

Currently I'm at a bit of a block in my project. The story overall has surpassed 47,000 words, but I can't seem to properly move forward with ending chapter 13. What is it with 13? It's given me fits at every turn. Previous chapters have come out in 10 days, 2 weeks, 3 at most...I'm nearing 5 weeks, now, on this one. It seems that I'm just uncomfortable with writing a situation in which my 2 main characters don't communicate like they should. The relationship I've built between them is based on a deep trust, which isn't entirely firm yet (they both have misgivings about opening up to the other, and value secrecy far too highly) - but part of me wants to just smack them down, here, and say "you idiots, just tell each other what's happening!" and of course this would completely negate the conflict I need to set up for the plot. YES I KNOW that miscommunication or lack of communication is NOT an ideal plot point. But when the "bad guy" is perpetrating a plot based on psychological manipulation, and creating an emotional divide between the "home team" in order to destroy them from within...well, without the miscommunication, where would that plot even go? sigh.

Anyway, last night I had a bolt of inspiration and wrote parts of THREE different scenes for chapter 14 - the idea being that if I just write that stuff, then filling in the missing bit before it should become easier. And in one afternoon/evening, I managed over 1300 words there. So I was feeling a good momentum...but sleeping has apparently reset that to zero. :P


About things that are NOT (directly) writing... A few days ago I sent off a package to England, containing a set of three Dark Ripples paperbacks (in a brand-spanking-new 6x9" formatting) and a hand-painted watercolor card. I hadn't painted in over a year - usually I try to break out the paints once springtime brings good sun in the afternoons, but this year that just didn't happen for some reason.

Watercolor greeting card, 4x6"

I really, really like how that painting turned out. Every year, I think "oh god, it's been so long since I've done this, I'll have to re-learn everything, it's going to look horrible" - and every year I surprise myself. This one was no exception. It makes me want to blow a few more afternoons in the near future on painting...but I really need to start focusing more of my time on crochet. I promised myself I would make an afghan for my brother H (since I made one for A a couple years ago), and bring it on my visit in October. And I'm only 6 rows in at the moment, so I need to get cracking. I actually just ordered 7 colors of yarn yesterday, in hopes that 4 or 5 of them would work in the project - it's difficult, because I'm trying to match solid colors to the weird muted rainbow tones in the variegated yarn I'm already using. It'll be an awesome effect, if I can manage it. But it'll likely drive me crazy. (What was I thinking, starting a pattern that breaks and changes yarn at the end of every row!!)

I also need to bite the bullet and order the faker-quilt fabric I've been considering for A+A's baby. Basically it's 1 yard of fabric that the company prints with 48 patterns according to my layout - then I just have to add batting and backing and sew in the quilting lines. Quilting for idiots who can't be bothered with piecing. :) The sewing machine still inspires fear in my heart, but I CAN do it and I SHOULD do it - Mom saw the pattern I was laying out and she's in love with it. (Ahh, that baby is due in about a month!) I'm also considering blowing an extra $29 on a yard of chiffon printed with 4 strips of pattern - to be sewn into 2 sheer infinity scarves. Supposedly this is a very easy and fulfilling project, and would create a nice thing for me and a nice gift for someone else, too.

I notice I'm becoming more and more infatuated with online ordering...recently I picked up a nifty swatch gauge (in hopes that having a tool will make me more willing to actually swatch) and an adorable miniature drop spindle. Then I had to order $30 in interesting fibers, to use with the spindle. Because SURELY all of that was necessary. I also recently made an impulse purchase for G's birthday...I gifted it to him early, but at least I know he loves it. (Heavy glass lens on a chunky silver chain, looks black when worn, held to the light it shows the rainbow frequency pattern of the full solar spectrum.)

...I can't think of any other topics to cover right now, so hopefully I've emptied my head out enough to put my mind back on the task at hand. WRITE DAMN YOU.


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